The 14th North Carolina Regiment

A memorial site dedicated to those North Carolinians who answered the call of their State
and served her honorably from 1861-1865 as members of the 14th Regiment, NC Troops

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Last At Appomattox . . . 
On the night before the surrender [April 8, 1865] the command lay near Appomattox. On the morning of Appomattox the regiment formed in battle line under command of Lieutenant John W. McGregor, the brigade being in charge of Major Scales, the only field officer then present for duty. The command charged at a double and captured the enemy's battery, scattering the supports of cavalry. We lost Ivey Ritchie, a brave and dutiful man, killed, and Atlas Dargan Lowery and Lieutenant John W. McGregor, wounded.

The supreme hour which comes to men and nations was at hand. Eight thousand and odd muskets were surrendered. Of this number the paroles of the Fourteenth Regiment of North Carolina Troops . . .  numbered one hundred and seven [plus seven officers].

Col. R. T. Bennett 
Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Great War 1861-’65,
Vol. 1. ed. Walter Clark. Wilmington, North Carolina: Broadfoot Publishing Company, 1991, 729.