The 14th North Carolina Regiment

A memorial site dedicated to those North Carolinians who answered the call of their State
and served her honorably from 1861-1865 as members of the 14th Regiment, NC Troops

Williams, Robert - Private, Co. F

I am the proud descendant of a member of the 14th Regiment, NC Troops. My G-G-Grandfather, PVT Robert Williams from Buncombe County, NC, served in Captain Zeb Vance's Company F ("Rough and Ready Guards") from 1861-1865. He was actually born and reared in Sampson County, but moved with his sister, mother and step-father to Buncombe County in the 1850s.

He was wounded in the knee at Chancellorsville, but returned to duty sometime thereafter, despite the wound's crippling effect on his leg. He is not listed on the surrender roll at Appomattox, and I suspect his being married on April 14, 1865 back in Buncombe County may account for that. Don't know if he was home on leave by unit authority or his own.

I think he was a brave and faithful soldier. If he decided after nearly four years of bloody fighting and a wound that crippled him for life to not take a chance on rotting in some Yankee prison after the inevitable surrender, then more power to him. He had done his part, and more.

Included here is a link to a photo of Pvt. Williams in uniform. The picture is also on file with the North Carolina Division of Historical Resources (State Archives), Raleigh, NC. 

I know he was active in his reunion group after the war. He is the tall gentleman holding the flag in this second linked photo. A distant cousin in Maryland has a small ID tag with his name and unit engraved upon it, which I have been told was associated with reunions.

He died in 1914 and is buried at Sharon Methodist Church in the Fairview Community of Buncombe County.

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