The 14th North Carolina Regiment

A memorial site dedicated to those North Carolinians who answered the call of their State
and served her honorably from 1861-1865 as members of the 14th Regiment, NC Troops

Roberts, Hugh Kerr - Pvt., Co. D

I had a relative who served in the 14th, Company D, beginning in Oct. 28, 1863. At least one source says he enlisted in Oct. 28, 1861, but none of those muster records survived. The earliest stuff I have says '63, and I have drawn records from about everywhere I can (Rowan Co. Library, National Archives, Broadfoot, plus some).

H. K. (Hugh Kerr Roberts) was captured at Third Winchester by Sheridan's men and sent to Point Lookout POW Camp in MD's Chesapeake, where the survival ratio was worse then Andersonville in GA. Third Winchester was in mid Sept. 1864, and H. K. survived from then until release at Cox's Landing in the James River on Feb. 13 or 14, '65 (Just in time for Valentine's day . . . what sweethearts!). (I joke that Sheridan hadn't yet heard that Point Lookout was no longer a vacation resort -- which it had been. But Point Lookout was NO joke as a POW camp). 

H. K. was born in '21 so was part of that older group brought in to replace people. And the 14th needed plenty of replacements, particularly from gaps in the unit created at Antietam's bloody lane, and at Gettysburg. H. K. lived before and after the war in Cleveland Co., NC, where he had a post office. H. K. is buried in Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery. 

H. K.'s son Jasper Newton Roberts served in the 2nd NC Jr. Reserves, the unit that did so well at stopping Sherman's northbound army at Bentonville for awhile. Jasper survived the war. 

H. K.'s brother Walter Raleigh Roberts served in the 34th NCST, again as a later member due to his age (40s). Walter Raleigh Roberts was captured and spent time in, I believe, Harts Island NY. Walter also survived the war and is buried in the Carolinas.

Information provided by:  James Stone, whose ancestor is Hugh Kerr Roberts