The 14th North Carolina Regiment

A memorial site dedicated to those North Carolinians who answered the call of their State
and served her honorably from 1861-1865 as members of the 14th Regiment, NC Troops

Morgan, Noah W. – Private, Co. K

Noah Morgan was born about 1838 in Montgomery County, NC to John and Phoebe Bean Morgan. Noah enlisted on July 16, 1862 in Montgomery County, NC into the 14th North Carolina Infantry, Company K as a Private.

Noah and the rest of the new recruits loaded up on a train to join the Army of Northern Virginia somewhere in Virginia. The 14th North Carolina Infantry went along with the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia to Maryland to participate in the Battle of South Mountain. Just a few days later Noah and the 14th North Carolina Infantry fought at the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862 which was the single most bloodiest day on U.S. soil because there were nearly 23,000 casualties. At Antietam the 14th North Carolina Infantry fought at the Sunken Road also known as Bloody Lane. Many soldiers died at the Sunken Rd. Noah very luckily survived Antietam. However, Noah got sick sometime after fighting at Antietam and was transported by train to Lynchburg, Virginia where many Confederate hospitals were at. Noah later died there in Lynchburg at Ford's Tobacco Factory from "Congestion of the Lungs" on December 8, 1862.

According to the undertaker’s notes Noah Morgan was 6 feet 4 inches tall. He was buried on December 10, 1862 in Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg. His headstone says, WM – K 14 NC, but the W is a mistake because the undertaker put too long of a tail on the word N for Noah and the headstone maker thought it was a W.

After Noah died his wife Rebecca Beaman Morgan and his young son John Calvin Morgan moved to the small community of Backusburg in Calloway County, Kentucky along with Noah's parents John and Phoebe Morgan after the Civil War ended. Noah’s wife Rebecca and his son John are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery near Backusburg in Calloway County, KY. Most of Noah’s descendents still live in Calloway County, KY today.

Information provided by: Clint Forth, whose GGGG-grandfather is Noah Morgan.